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Testimonials: What Residents Say about Our McLennan Senior Home

Our residents love our McLennan senior home! At Manoir Du Lac, we give seniors the freedom to enjoy an independent lifestyle while also getting assistance with meals and cleaning. Active lifestyles are important to us, which is why we offer social events, common areas and outdoor gardens.

On this page, read what our residents have said about Manoir Du Lac. Contact us with any questions or to ask about openings in our facility.

Friendly and Accessible
Manoir du Lac is a great place to live. I like all the staff and residents here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I get along with everyone. Everything is feasible even though I am a wheelchair user.

-Clara G., resident

Friendly and Caring
I find the manager and staffs at Manoir de Lac to be hardworking, friendly and approachable. They deal professionally, fairly and with friendliness when problems or questions arise and are always concerned about the welfare of the residents. They are well respected and admired.

-Marguerite M., resident

Meals, Activities and More

Moving to Manoir de Lac is one of the smartest things I have done. The building is very clean and well laid out. Every afternoon there is a variety of activities. For instance, we do finger painting, play bongo, crafts, baking and lots of other activities. Mass is held on Wednesday afternoons in French and in English on Saturdays. The Meals are excellent. There are always options to choose from at meal times, fresh fruits, cookies and bread is available at all the times. There is pop and a candy machine as well. The majority of the residents seem to like living here, I know I certainly do.

-Faith S., resident


Independent Living and Assisted Living

We provide our senior residents with Independent Living and Assisted Living in a social environment

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