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Senior care

Our Elderly Care Services in McLennan

The staff at Manoir Du Lac is focused on supporting seniors and allowing residents to live independent lives while receiving necessary care. Contact us about the full range of care we offer. At our McLennan facility, we are proud to provide the following services:


Independent Living and Assisted Living

We provide our senior residents with Independent Living and Assisted Living in a social environment

Independent Living

This is for seniors who want to lead an active and involved lifestyle while avoiding loneliness through companionship and activities.

Supportive Living Level 3

There may be a time in life when living alone at home isn’t safe. That’s why we have 24-hour care for your health, safety and peace of mind. You will be looked after by professional, caring healthcare aides in a family-style atmosphere.

Supportive Living Level 4

For those who need a lot of care or just a little, we offer compassionate care from healthcare aides and licensed practical nurses. You’ll be able to enjoy as much independence as possible while knowing that help is close at hand.

Memory Care (4D)

We have a secure wing that’s designed especially for the safety of its residents. It prevents elopement and offers a peaceful, quiet environment. It includes a private dining service, recreation activities and 24-hour-a-day supervision.

Long-Term Care

For residents with complex healthcare needs, long-term care is provided by healthcare aides, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. Other healthcare providers, like denturists and pharmacists, are available as necessary. We provide care to seniors with direction from family physicians. Our staff and building are overseen by a managerial registered nurse.

Emergency Response

Our building is equipped with the Tunstall Emergency Response System. Residents have a pendent, which can be worn comfortably and pressed in the case of an emergency. This will alert a staff member, who can contact the resident via the room or telephone and provide emergency assistance.

Respite Care

What Is Respite Care? Many care givers with hands-on responsibility for a senior who needs extra care and/or a break at times, if not regularly.


  • Nutritional meals recommended by a dietician
  • 24-hour on-site care
  • 24-hour call pendant
  • Social interaction with other seniors
  • Healthcare

Is Respite Care Right for Me?

For Residents: For the potential client of Respite Care who may need special care before or after any medical procedure, or may be experiencing an illness that simply requires convalescence following post-illness or hospital discharge, our facilities are equipped to help you to help your loved ones during this transition.

For the Caregiver: Respite Care can provide a much needed break from the demands placed on you. Providing long term care can be stressful, and has been associated with increased risk for mental and physical health concerns. Taking some time off from your caregiving duties can rejuvenate your mind and body.

Call us today and we can discuss your special care needs.

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